Red Carpet Skin and Hair Health Supplement 60 Capsules


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What Else You Need to Know: This vegan formula has the perfect balance of naturally sourced and potently formulated GLA, ALA, and vitamin E. Sourced from sunflower seeds and blackcurrant, the healthy essential fats in each softgel support healthy-looking skin and hair*. Blackcurrant and vitamin E provide the body with the right balance of healthy fats, hydrating the skin from the inside out. Vitamin E and fatty acids keep the skin looking healthy and youthful while promoting shiny hair. As an antioxidant, vitamin E neutralizes free radicals that damage collagen and contribute to dry skin. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, a healthy dose of vitamin E can prevent premature aging and skin damage. This supplement also contains GLA, which is known to stimulate healthy skin and hair growth.
  • Beauty Benefit: Stronger Hair & Nails and Visibly Glowing Skin
  • What it is: A supplement for visibly glowing skin and stronger hair.
  • What it Tastes Like: No flavor
  • When to Expect Results: Four to six weeks


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