L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Renewal, 0.5 fl; oz


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This popular L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect anti-aging treatment cream is formulated to protect and revitalize your skin. Add it to your skin care routine to help fight common dark circles problem areas. Targeting the area around the eyes, this formula diminishes problem puffiness while also brightening and rejuvenating this sensitive part of the face. Apply liberally to help minimize the effects of unsightly dark circles under the eyes, regardless of whether the cause is age or hereditary factors. Keep skin looking its best and reduce the amount of wrinkles and fine lines by using anti-aging products that are designed to smooth and plump. The cream contains moisturizers and emulsifiers that protect the skin’s oils while attracting moisture to the surface, keeping the skin soft. Maintaining healthy skin doesn’t have to be difficult, just add this anti-aging product to any skin care routine for a refreshing glow that’s sure to impress. Restore youthful luster to any skin type with regular application of the wide range of moisturizers, cleansers and other skin care products available from L’Oréal Paris.

About this item

  • Eye Renewal Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye treatment that targets 5 signs of aging at once including dark circles, bags, puffiness, lines and crepey lids
  • Powerful skin-renewing formula that helps reveal new cells on skin surface for a radiant, revitalized eye contour
  • Within just hours of using the eye cream skin around eye area is hydrated, firmer and more toned; eye contour also appears smoothed
  • In 4 weeks eye cream visibly diminishes dark circles, helps reduce appearance of under-eye bags, smooths out crow’s feet wrinkles, eyelid crepiness is reduced and eye area appears revitalized and more radiant
  • For best results use every morning and evening, in combination with a cream cleanser and face moisturizer


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