Smart Home WiFi Security Alarm Kit Gatewayb Hub

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Home automation system as your main security and alarm system makes a lot of sense. You will have a single system that controls your home's lighting, heating blinds etc, as well as protecting it and your family. This makes it easy for everyone to use as you have one interface, but also the two sides of the system can interact the lights can be controlled by the security section etc.

  • Easy to control: Wi-Fi connection works on 2. 4GHz bandwidth. With free IOS/Android smartphone app, You can adjust whole system setting on app in your own phone anywhere anytime.
  • Intrusion protection: Wireless contact sensor used On doors, windows, cabinets and any important entry areas of your home. When someone try to intrude into your house through window or door, opening them a little will trigger the sensor to alert you. 1 sets wireless PIR motion sensor to detect movement within 8Meter,
  • Reliable system: The main controller hub is responsible for connecting with all of sensors,triggers siren loud around 120db to scare burglars.With backup battery support maximum hours working if lose power;Support rename different zone(8 zones) name,sensors name,zone property name, then hub will tell you exactly what happened and which door, window or cabinet just opened so that you can track and make better informed decisions
  • Diy installation: DIY home security, no contracts no monthly monitoring fee. Tool-free setup and assembling, plug and play installation, you can take and remove easily. All control in app by your smartphone.

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