SONOFF RF Bridge Wifi Door Window Motion Sensor

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Sonoff bridge


This new offering expands upon the TI Launch Pad ecosystem providing a fully enclosed and battery-operated kit designed to enable rapid prototyping to help IoT developers evaluate new product ideas without having to develop any hardware or software from scratch.

With this ready-to-go hardware, developers are able to jumpstart development with out-of-the-box battery operation and four on-board sensors with the flexibility to add many more through TI Booster Pack™ ecosystem and other components.

  • WIRELESS AND BATTERY POWERED: Batteries and mounting material included. Flexible installation options for different window and door configurations.
  • EASE OF USE: Adding the sensor to your Tiiwee system is effortless and is done quickly and easily. No drilling, no wiring. Find detailed pairing instructions in the manuals of the Tiiwee Home Alarm Systems and the A2 Motion Detector Alarm.
  • HOW IT WORKS: A magnetic sensor detects when the door or window opens. When this happens, a wireless signal activates the Tiiwee A1- or A2 siren. The A1- or A2 siren will then sound a piercing alarm. This alarm deters the burglar and alerts you or your family members.
  • EXPAND: This door and window sensor is intended to expand an existing Tiiwee system based on the A1 Siren or A2 Motion Detector. However, it is also possible to add Tiiwee motion detectors. Need more punch? Add one or more A1 Sirens. Just connect the extra A1's to your existing sensors.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the pairing instructions in the manuals of the Tiiwee Home Alarm System or the A2 Motion Detector Alarm. After your order, you will also receive a helpful Quick Guide.


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