Telescope Zoom Mobile Phone Lens Telephoto Macro Camera

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It is true that phone lenses are limited when it comes to taking long distance shots. But imagine you seeing a nice shot maybe while strolling around the neighborhood but your phone couldn't take the shot due to distance barrier. That is why you need to get smartphone 18x zoom lens today and don't miss such opportunity again.

Our product is ideal and perfect for taking long distance shots. Our product can fit most kinds of phones and the quality of it's lens is unbelievably sharp, covering a very long distance shots with ease.

  • Attachable cell phone super zoom lens
  • Zooms 8x and 12x
  • Easily attaches to most cell phones
  • Ideal for extreme close-ups, sports events, landscape photography, exploring, and more
  • Dimensions: 7.4cm long with 3.1cm diameter


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