Universal Infrared Wifi Mobile TV Air Conditioning

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Automate your Air-con, TV and fan instantly with the Near Smart Remote. The smart remote is an infra-red universal remote. Link it with the Near app to control your air-con anywhere you are, schedule and customize your air-con setting right on your smartphone. Installation is very easy and fast, It is a nice looking remote and with rubber textured buttons that are easy to press and it comes with a holster you can mount to the wall. Simply plug in and its ready to go!

Great with almost any electronic device, including lights, holiday decorations, and charging devices. Wireless remote controller kit for ceiling fan lamp. The transmitter is made of environmental friendly ABS material, larger button is much easier to press. Coming with remote control stand, convenient to put it on table or mount it to wall.

  • Easy to Control: Remotely control hard-to-reach home appliances and devices at the push of a button on the remote, an ideal ally to those with limited mobility, also create you a smart home life.
  • Learning Function: Enables you to control each outlet individually or all at once which increases the efficiency of your home applicances control.
  • Meters Range: Strong RF signal works through doors and walls without interfering with other home appliances or devices.
  • Energy Saving: Great to remote control home electronic devices such as lights, TVs, chargers, manage home appliances and decrease your power cost.


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