Magician Close Up Illusion Gimmick

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The Magician lets a spectator examine a small cylinder closed on one side, its lid and a die, all of them being made of brass. This may also happen with the magician's back turned on the audience. The spectator chooses a number from the die and puts the die back in the cylinder with their chosen number faced up.

Afterwards they close the cylinder with its lid. The performer turns back toward the audience, grabs the cylinder and after concentrating for a few seconds, names the chosen number. In the end the spectator opens the cylinder showing the correct insight.


  • Easy to do: Great for Magicians of All Ages and Skill Levels.Magic Tricks by Magic Makers.
  • Works it'self: Make the Ball Vanish from the Vase and Magically Reappear Then Vanish Again.
  • Magical:There is a small ball in the cup. The magical ball can disappear under the eyelids of the audience and disappear into the cup instantly.
  • Awesome effect: The magician shows a red plastic box, inside they show it contains a smaller black box. Inside the black box is a red sponge ball. The magician then shows the smaller black box can magically fit the red box inside. The red box is opened to reveal a blue sponge ball and the black box is opened to reveal a yellow sponge ball!

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