Waterproof Wearable Device Bluetooth Pedometer

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Stay active and stylish without compromising your budget. Sleek and light, this tracker lets you track your steps, distance and calories burned in addition to functioning as a watch. Even customize your exercise by entering personal weight and stride to gain more accurate calorie measurements. Step up your game with this smart fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories, distance and more.

This smart watch is engineered to give you an advantage in your day to day sport activities. Our fitness tracker takes on the headache of tracking your progress for you so you can focus entirely on your workout. It goes beyond tracking steps, calories burned and minutes exercised. It offers actionable insights on everything from your running style to your heart health to help you reach your goals faster and set new ones. 

  • Improve the quality of your rest with integrated sleep cycle tracking.
  • Stay hydrated and get reminders to keep moving throughout the day.
  • Track calories burned and calories consumed.
  • And when things get stressful, reset with guided meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Control all your connected home devices from your wrist even when you're not home.


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