Wifi Camera Lamp Panoramic Bulb

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This Indoor IP CCTV camera looks like a regular LED Bulb but a closer look reveals a camera. Ideal for offices, shops, retail stores and restaurants. The sensor in the product detects the circumstance environment and operates in Night Vision mode automatically in the dark ,and the white LED light turn on automatically when it detect moving objects in dark to get clear view.

This easy to install surveillance system with a two-way audio intercom can be used as a baby monitor, to keep an eye on the babysitter, watch over your parents or grandparents, keep an eye on your pets, monitor your home, and keep an eye on your business …just to name a few. With a built-in motion sensor, you will be alerted of any abnormal movement around your home or workspace. The sleek compact design and brilliant features will allow you to capture all the great moments in your life instantly.

  • 360 Ddgree panoramic viewing angle without blinf area.
  • Easy Setup: 1.Download the APP "360Eyes".Following the manual instructions; 2.Set-up is as simple as screwing in a light bulb, no need for wires or cords.
  • Two Way Communication: The panoramic bulb camera 360 degree allows you to communicate with your family and your pets when you are away.
  • Motion Detection: With night vision and IR motion detection function, any time of day or night, motion pictures will be detected by the bulb camera and sent to your phone app, to facilitate timely remind you of various conditions.


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