Rubber Yoga Elastic Fitness Band Sport

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The Starwood Resistance Loop Bands are ideal for glute activation, yoga, pilates and stretching. Along with preventing the likelihood of injury, our premium elastic loop bands are super lightweight and easy to take along with you on all your workout sessions whether you’re at the gym or in the comfort of your living room. Our resistance bands, available as a roll boast proven performance, variability, and quality material to help you achieve your fitness, physiotherapy and rehabilitation goals.

Available for both fitness and physiotherapy based exercises, a huge variety of moves and motions can be performed to help improve strength, flexibility, muscle tone and core strength. This yoga elastic band can beautify the human body curve, strengthen muscle lines, and stretch upper body aches parts. It also has a strong fitness effect.

  • The loop has good resilience, and it can cooperate well with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plasticity.
  • Suitable for young people and women with relatively small strength, effectively stretching and exercising the whole body muscles.
  • Stabilizing posture and controlling stretching distance, effectively improving physical activity ability, shaping body curve, is a supplement for yoga and Pilates.
  • It can increase the interest of exercise and change the single exercise style.
  • The inside of the tension band has additional lines, which can play a skid-proof effect.
  • Advantages: Soft, strong resilience, wear resistance, good comprehensive performance.


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