Pet Dog Interactive Toy Yellow Round Shape

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The cartoon flower dog sniffing mat is a strategic toy for dogs of all ages. In addition to physical challenges, dogs also want to be mentally challenged. This sniffing mat consists of various fleece strips that chunks or treats can be hidden in. The intention is for dogs to track down the rewards. They use their nose and paws to do this. Slow feeding snuffle mats Slow meal times down AND keep your dog busy & entertained during stressful times like storms or fireworks.
  • Reduces boredom, stress AND anxiety
  • Occupies your dog while guests enter
  • Slows meal times down
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Great for rainy days
  • Provides an outlet for using scent to earn food
  • Keeps your dog occupied while you clean
  • Machine washable
  • Can be made easy or hard depending on your dog

Over the past month we have had a very large demand. Due to this high demand please allow a total of 2-4 weeks for this product to arrive at your door.


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