Wireless Fire Alarm Sensor Fire Protection Smoke

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This sample floor plan has two fire alarms. One of them is in the hallway near the bedrooms while the other fire alarm is in the family room. Just like regular smoke alarms, the more sensors you have in the home the higher the level of safety. Try not to place fire alarms directly over stoves or cooking areas, which can cause the sensor to create false alarms thereby reducing the safety provided by the sensor.

  • Alarm function: When the smoke concentration reaches the preset limit, the device will continuously give sound of “di—di—di” and the indication light keep flashing in every 3 seconds. If the smoke concentration comes below the limit, it will resume to the normal working status.
  • Noise Muting function: When the device give audible and visual alarm, press the button, the device will become silent, only the indication light keep flashing. However, if the smoke concentration keeps always higher than the limit, the device shall give sound alarm again in 60 seconds after you press the button.
  • Self –check function: Press the button, the device will give the sound of “di—di—di” and the indication light keep flashing, this is to indicate you that the device works properly.
  • Low voltage reminding function: When the battery voltage is lower than 2.7V, the device shall give sound of “di—di—di—“ in every 30 seconds, this is to remind you to replace the battery.
  • Normal working-condition reminding function: When the device in the normal working status, the indication light will give a short flash in every 300 seconds, this is to remind you that the device is in the working condition.

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