Smart Wireless WiFi-IR Remote Controller

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Digital Home Universal WIFI Remote IR Controller is an intelligent wireless remote-control center via smart devices. With personal setting modes, you can set up your personalised working modes. Timing function modes will meet your different needs. Support all IR controlled devices such as TV, TV box, air condition, DVD and etc. Everything is in your hands.

  • REMOTE POWER CONTROL: The Dataprobe iBoot-Wi-Fi allows you to manually control power, check status and remotely power cycle equipment such as routers, computers, servers, digital signage, kiosks or datacenter equipment from anywhere using a simple web interface.
  • AUTOMATIC REBOOT: The Dataprobe iBoot-Wi-Fi can monitor computer equipment, routers, network equipment and Internet connections and if they stop responding, the iBoot can automatically cycle power to hung equipment, so you can rest assured your network or devices can continue working without incident.
  • REGUARLY AUTOPING YOUR NETWORK OR DEVICES: The AutoPing and Heartbeat feature detects network or equipment outage and can be set to regularly 'Ping' a computer or network device and takes immediate action to restore your network or device if the Ping goes unanswered.
  • SCHEDULED POWER CYCLE: Some equipment like routers and digital signs can perform better and are more reliable when regularly rebooted, so the iBoot ensures your systems are kept fresh and running efficiently by scheduling a power cycle during off hours. 
  • REDUCE DOWN TIME AND SAVE MONEY: You can eliminate downtime and save money without having a technician go to remote sites or server rooms to reboot a router or power bar and have a peace of mind that your network, services and devices are running smoothly.

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