Trainer Gym Pelvic Floor Sexy Inner Thigh Exerciser

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The pelvic floor muscles have the function of regulating the shape of the gluteus maximus, which is the foundation of the hips. The hip device is ergonomically designed to match the muscles of the pelvic floor, tightening the hips and tightening the buttocks. Activate the glutes muscle group to show small buttocks, the normal hip muscles exercise is very poor, and it will increase the risk of thickening of the waist and legs.

Use our hip fitness device to effectively exercise muscles, make the pelvis and the hip muscles participate in the exercise, and it is easier to achieve the beautiful buttock effect and keep the pelvis healthy. This buttocks trainer is absolutely a great tool that can pair with different exercises to achieve better fitness training effect. It can help to treat weakened pelvic muscles, as well as tone and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles.


  • The buttock training device can improve the blood system of lower limb muscles and buttocks, make buttocks and lower limbs more flexible and promote activities.
  • Targeted pelvic floor muscle training is conducive to pelvic reduction, pelvic floor muscle strengthening, walking buttocks.
  • Treats weakened pelvic muscles, ease incontinence and enhance intimacy.
  • Helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles.


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