ZigBee Temperature and Humidity sensor Detector

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This is a Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor Based on ZigBee Home Automation standard. It is equipped with low power consumption technology. Used for detecting indoor and outdoor ambient and sends the data to a control center via ZigBee network. 

The temperature and humidity can then be seen in real-time on the free eWeLink APP that can be downloaded for IOS and Android. By setting up a scene on the app, you can set a condition that turns off the air conditioner if the temperature moves outside a pre-defined range or that activates the sprinkler system based on temperature and humidity.


  • Sends quick alerts when doors opened and closed for daily security 
  • Low battery consumptions with up to 1 year of battery life 
  • Pair with other Smart Home devices to automate your home 
  • Compact size  
  • Simple to install, easy to use 
  • Perfect addition to your Smart Life - Smart Living ecosystem.


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