Pet Massage Brush Shell Shaped Handle Pet Grooming

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This comb is made of good quality ABS material, is solid, durable, and wear-resistant. The pet comb will perfectly remove loose hair, comb off entangled hair, groom and massage for the pet. Being that it contains an ergonomic handle, it is comfortable to hold and easy and effortless to groom your pet. This grooming brush for your cat is made from high quality ABS Material that your cat will love to be massaged with.

The teeth are soft unlike metal teeth and will be very gentle on its skin. Perfect for all fur types! Regular brushing and massaging can help improve blood circulation and relaxes your pets' minds while getting rid of the loose fur to give them a shiny coat!

  • Made of durable high-quality material for a lifetime of use.
  • It is elastic and does not scratch the pet's fur and skin easily.
  • With the massage function, it can remove the loose hair and promote blood circulation.
  • Simlpy rinse this comb under a tap to get rid of dirt and fur that has collected in the teeth.
  • This comb will effectivley get rid of any excess fur that would otherwise be spread on your furniture.


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