Wearable Fan Handheld Air Cooler Conditioner

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Mini Portable USB Hands Free Portable Neck Fan Hands-Free Design This fan has more advantages than the fan hanging on the neck in the market. Its design inspiration is derived from headphones, it's more stylish, portable, and you will not feel any pressure.  

Mute motor with a strong wind to cool you off. Anti-wear fan for a comfortable and hands-free experience. Adjustment fan angle to meet your needs. Lightweight and fashionable design, no burden when doing sports/study.


  • A wide range of application scenarios, suitable for home, outdoor, parent-child, and leisure states.
  • 48 surround air outlets, turbines gather wind on both sides, and the neck wear can be twisted freely (silicone wrapped, comfortable texture)
  • In standby mode, click the button to switch the wind speed, a total of three gears can be adjusted, the wind speed is incrementally increased, at the highest wind speed, click the button to shut down, long press the button (about 1.5S) in any gear Can be turned off.
  • Long battery life, 1800 amp battery, the maximum battery life is more than 6 hours.
  • 60-piece turbine design, the wind is stable, the key is will not catch girl's hair.


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