Screen Cell Phone Bracket Holder

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The combination of a mobile phone amplifier and a lazy stand. 3D Cell phone amplifiers reduce discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focus on small screens; the stand keeps the screen at an appropriate distance from the eye, protecting your vision and neck. This HD amplification optical technology magnifies the cell phone screen upto 2-3 times, providing clear and vivid pictures and stronger dynamic feeling.

It is no power-driven, no-cost, energy-saving and radiation protection tool, which reduces eye fatigue when you watch videos on the phone. With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people will use the mobile to watch movies, etc. While the small phone screen makes people feel very uncomfortable to watch for a long time. It also takes great damage to their eyes.

  • BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Uses HD optical amplification technology, no power supply, no cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY MOBILE PHONE: Mobile phone screen magnifier with foldable holder stand compatible with all smart phones. It is also suitable for all different occasions - indoor, camping, travel, leisure, etc.
  • EYE PROTECTION: With the magnifier screen you can see and read even far away from the phone. This can be better to protect your eyesight and reduce the damage caused by radiation


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