Dog Water Bottle Drinking Bowl Water Dispenser Feeder

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This portable water bottle with feeding tray allows you to give your dog fresh water where ever you go. Both human and dog can drink from the same bottle since it has a patented dog water holder. It eliminates the risk of harmful bacteria from public fountains, lakes or streams. One-key open/lock water: One-hand operation, easy to feed water.

With a D-type buckle, this Water Bottle is great for walking and travelling with you dog or cat, and it include bottle carabiner can be attached to your backpack, pet crate, stroller or glovebox. The bottle needs to be prefilled and screwed into place, and then the entire set can easily be hooked up to your belt, pants, bicycle, or backpack.

  • Easy Lock: When you aren't actively using the Puppy Lapper you can lock the water dispense button. This helps prevent the bottle from accidentally wasting water or leaking inside of your backpack.
  • Quick Activation: The special "Paw" dispense button is meant for one-handed use, meaning you can apply light pressure with a single hand.
  • Lap Bowl Trough: Made specifically for dogs, the Puppy Lapper allows any pup to get the perfect amount of water with each lick!
  • Premium Eco-Friendly: Not only are you helping reduce the amount of plastic in the world, but you're also making sure that your best friend stays happy and healthy!


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