Pet Flea Remover Tool Plastic Scratching

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Becoming a pet parent can quickly turn your home into the Wild West, but those shedding tumbleweeds have met their match with the Remover Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom. This unique, multi-surface extendable broom has soft bristles made from natural rubber, which makes it pluperfect for collecting the fur left behind by your critters. Rescue your clothing, upholstery, carpet, hardwood floors, and tile from that layer of pet hair and dust without a scratch.

  • This tick remover is designed with hook, which helps to remove parasites easily without harming your pets.
  • This kind of tick hook is suit for naughty pets, because it is made of plastic material, will not make pets feel pain.
  • There are few kinds of size, enough to remove the parasites of different kinds.
  • Besides, this tick remover is not only suit for pet, but suit for people, making you feel relaxed.
  • This kind of tool could help your pets to stay health, avoiding skin problems.

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