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The natural rubber used in the Balls and across the entire rubber range is extracted from the Heave tree and completely degradable when thrown away! However no need to worry, the natural rubber needs to encounter prolonged temperatures and particular minerals for the degradation process to begin. The things that are usually the most attractive to dogs are often the very things that are the most dangerous. For example, some companies are selling dog toys that require your dog to push a long lever to receive treats.

  • This brush is ideal for de-shedding double-coated dogs. Using patented two-tier teeth technology, the longer teeth gently remove dirt, reaching down to the undercoat, shorter teeth pick up loose hair.
  • Polymer teeth makes the whole de-shedding experience kinder for your dog too as they reduce the risk of brush burn.  Can be used on wet and dry hair.
  • Some breeds of dogs - a Pomeranian, Shiba Inu and a Siberian Husky for example boast a double-coat of hair to keep lovely and warm. This is shed as the temperature rises or in a centrally heated home.
  • A perfect all-round brush for superior de-shedding and de-matting, it's super easy to clean. Simply lift the hair from the teeth and rinse with warm water. Allow to dry naturally with teeth facing up.

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