Flash Siren Smoke Sensor PIR Motion Detector

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The Honeywell PIR Motion Detector is an upgraded version on Honeywell's and will provide your home or business with the best in motion detection that the industry has to offer. This is a dual technology motion detector which means that it will use its built-in Dual-core signal processor will analyse PIR and microwave signals through the micro-controller. This will help cut down on motion detector false alarms because two ranges needs to be tripped before an alarm signal will be sent to the main panel.


  • Give yourself a sense of  security and protection when you are away or asleep
  • Make setting up a security system easy with the intuitive alert system
  • Be able to arm and disarm the system as and when you want
  • Make filling for police reports easier and fuss-free with video recordings in cases of attempts to break in.

Over the past month we have had a very large demand. Due to this high demand please allow a total of 2-4 weeks for this product to arrive at your door.


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