Children Mini Ancient Building Sand Castle Mold Tools Beach Toys

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The frosting tower features a spinning turntable for swirls of Play Doh frosting, and kids can make all kinds of whimsical shapes with the half-molds on the playset. Display the creations in the cake dome, or with the plates and utensils. Our premium sand is designed like a moldable clay that only sticks to itself and lets children stack, build, stretch, and shape it in hundreds of fun and exciting ways. Turning Ariel and Flounder around on the carousel helps to build toddlers' fine motor skills.

There’s also a slide to play on, a xylophone to make pretend music with, and a sunken treasure chest to open. The play set has elements and play starters to help youngsters grow their creative skills. It also includes Starter Brick bases and walls that let even first-time builders experience the pride of constructing buildings and more, all on their own.

  • Unique shapes and bright colors,can attract children's attention.
  • The perfect holiday gift this season, get it for birthdays, Christmas, or just to help keep them learning and inspired every day!
  • The cake dome has a clear cover to showcase your rainbow Play-Doh creations, or put them on the plates to show off to friends and family.
  • This build able toys for toddlers is designed to encourage role-play and storytelling to help your child develop language, social and emotional skills.
  • This Disney Frozen castle toy features a slide, table, chairs and kitchen equipment A special button-operated light brick provides multicoloured illumination for the castle.


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