Led Alarm Clock With Phone Wireless Charger

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The LED Mirror Alarm Clock is perfect for any desk, table, or nightstand. This alarm clock with an extra-large display will mix in well with a variety of decor styles and keep you on track, making sure you're on time for any commitment you may have. Electric LED alarm clock with phone wireless fast charger 5W digital LED clock decor" while the store is on. 

The modern desk alarm clock is great as a minimal clock and charger with fantastic convenience of the wireless charging by your bed or sofa. It comes with that is sleek and aesthetic. Perfect decoration for home, hotel, office, living room, nightstand, shelf, and bedroom.

  • HD projection, digital clock, programmable, USB passthrough.
  • View the time in different angles with this 120° adjustable clock.
  • Read time easily on the large LED screen.
  • Set dual alarms with another options.
  • Connect a USB cable to charge devices.
  • Keep settings safe during power outages.


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