Mini Zigbee Wireless Intelligent Smart Home Switch

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The Aqara smart light control is not only able to provide multiple control on the lighting system, but also comes with a remote lighting control. The ZiGBee version is the upgraded version of the traditional wall switch. Equipped with the ZigBee wireless telecommunication technology, there is no need of making a change on the old circuit or on the lighting devices. The only thing you have to do will be just replaced the old switch.

Features :
  • ZigBee is the wireless language that everyday devices use to connect to one another. it hamessess the power of tthe mesh to connect every product to every other product.
  • So, if one of your products fails, the others will continue to communicate without interruption. ZigBee is stable and reliable.
  • Automatically search ZigBee devices and automatic networking.
  • With "Simple Connect" technology developed by ORVIBO, Mini hub can automatically search other ZigBee devices and access them to the ZigBee network without complicated network configuration or code pairing.
  • Support two-way feedback in real time. User know the status of light, curtains, windows, doors and sensors in real time.
  • Support local and remote control, Lighting, air conditioners,TV, curtains,screen and other home appliances can be controlled in the local and remote.

Over the past month we have had a very large demand. Due to this high demand please allow a total of 2-4 weeks for this product to arrive at your door.


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