Manual Egg Stirrer Egg Beater Kitchen Cooking

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This eggbeater uses food grade nylon material, which has the characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The unique tail hook design provides intimate care, and the egg whisk is easier to store; it saves space and makes the kitchen tidier. The whisk-head is designed with wires.

The balloon whisk can quickly and evenly stir bubbles, and the efficiency is greatly increased. The cooking tongs are not only suitable for grabbing boiled eggs, noodles, salad, but also very suitable for stirring cream and eggs while making cake.

  • The perfect assistant for all daily cookery tasks in the house, or outside for cookouts, will last a life time.
  • Will never rust, or scratch skillets or bowls, unlike metal or steel versions
  • Won't melt from high temperatures on heater
  • Essential, classic cooking accessories available for the home cook or pro chef in restaurants
  • As a whipper for cream, a beater for egg yolks or buttermilk, whisking up vinaigrette, juice etc.


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