Food Grade Silica Gel JawLine Exercise Ball

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Made of food grade silicone.A face exercise product that helps strengthen and tone your facial muscles. Our Exerciser promotes face tone firming & chin lift, chisel jawline shaping, and v line slimming by eliminating fat deposits around jaws and neck. Neck wrinkles and triple chins are a thing of the past.

Our mechanically engineered resistance facial toner is designed to stimulate 55+ face, cheek and neck muscles to achieve shaped, chiselled, and young smile. Its extremely easy to use and can carry anywhere you want. You can use in office or can treat as a gym buddy.


  • Enhance Your Jawline - Look Younger and Better With A Chiselled Jawline.
  • Slim, Tone, and Tighten Your Face and Neck Quickly, With Revolutionary, Patented Technology.
  • Convenient, Hands Free Workout - Keep With You, to Use On the Go, At the Gym, At Work, Wherever.
  • Chewing Has Been Shown to Decrease Cravings, Leading to More Weight Loss.


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