Doll Figure Action Toy figure Silicone Slime Unicorn

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The baby doll was sculpted so realistically in baby soft vinyl to look and feel extremely real to cuddle as your own real baby. Long eyelashes make this baby toy extremely handsome.

The baby doll will surely be your favorite. This baby toy is an ideal choice being as a present for others! This all-silicone rebirth doll is not only realistic in appearance, soft to the touch, but also cost-effective.

  • 100% handmade and in high-quality.
  • High quality soft silicone vinyl with stuffed cotton body.
  • Doll's limbs can be movable and can sit and lie down, but can't stand up and speak.
  • Suitable for young mothers to practice replacing diapers for their baby.
  • Best gift for girl's or boy's toy or Christmas.
  • Rooted mohair can be combed and fixed, washable.
  • High-grade acrylic eyes, eyes can't move.
  • Completely hand-drawn translucent nails make the fingers look more nice and vivid.


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