Dog Puzzle Toys Interactive Pet Food Dispenser

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This Slow Feeder licking mats encourage the pet to eat at a slower pace, which improves digestion, reduces anxiety and boredom, and promotes dental health while enjoying their favourite treats. They are made of soft and hard ABS plastic materials.

They are non-toxic, flexible, durable, anti-scratch, anti-slip, and dishwasher-friendly. The Pet Dream house SPIN Feeder Palette is a slow-feeding dog bowl and an interactive puzzle game with a rotating tray that has small food/treat cups.


  • Award-winning slow feeder & interactive puzzle game dog food bowl.
  • Palette-shaped spinner with small food/treat cups.
  • Spinner can be flipped upside down to hide treats/kibble in bowl below.
  • Interchangeable spinner can be used with other Pet Dream house Spinners.
  • Food-grade ABS plastic material free of PVC and BPAs and is recyclable for Eco-friendly use.
  • Intermediate-level game.


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