Automatic Feeder Bowl for Dogs

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Bottle Shape Food Feeder also used to water feeder you can rotate the bottle shape feeder you can see the symbol for water feeder. Automatic pet water dispenser is a great pet water feeder for keeping your pets hydrated when you are not at home. This BPA free water dispenser for cat/dog automatically provides your pets with fresh drinking water. The simple design does not rely on motors or sensors to feed your furry friend.

It gradually dispensed water through the power of gravity. No more tension of short-circuit or malfunction when you are out of home. Without the electrical mechanism, it is very easy to use and clean. Simple and stylish, this unit also includes a colorful light that you can set using the app to give your favorite kitty or pupper a proper dining ambience.

  • The high-quality PP material is durable and smooth.
  • The lid is removable, which is convenient to replenish food or water and clean.
  • The food dispenser and waterer are together , Water and food can be fed in the same way, easy and convenient.
  • The anti-slip bottom makes it stable for the dog when eating.
  • Adopting the gravity design, it is automatic and does not need electricity, which is very safe.


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