Body Fascia Relaxation Yoga Exercise Fitness Balls

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Comfort your spine while you engage and tighten your core with every exercise using this unique peanut-shaped exercise ball. Incorporate our Restore Strong Core and Back Kit into your weekly workouts for a stronger, healthier back, and firmer midsection. The fascial ball is designed with special pattern, owning good anti-slipping ability and good friction, to achieve better muscle relaxing performance. Therapy Exercise balls are designed for simple functionality to increase grip strength, reduce joint pain, and increase flexibility in hands.

Three strengths are available form soft, medium firm, or sold in a three pack. Isolate fingers or focus on the entire hand for a full range of exercise. Exercise guide included to help guide you through the various workouts. The fascial ball is designed with double balls shape, mainly used to massage the neck, thoracic spine and erector spinae. It can also be used to press plantar fascia, legs, thighs, neck, etc.

  • Lengthening and widening, hardness is greater, bearing capacity is larger, massage range is wider, massage effect is better.
  • Multi-zone massage: The self-massage roller specifically massages the neck, arms, calves, Achilles tendon and back to relieve muscle pain. For example, it can relieve neck tension and resist headache.
  • In addition to massage, the character is also suitable for training and inspiring connective tissue (facial training).This promotes the supply of fascia, which increases muscle efficiency and regenerative capacity.
  • Effectively to relax your muscle, also for arm, neck or foot massage, can do simple self-massage on connective tissue.


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