Home Security GSM Alarm System Wireless

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This photoelectric smoke alarm has stable performance and high sensitivity. It is easy to install and use. It possesses an LED light flash indicator. It can warn and alert people to stay far away from the dangerous field when it detects smoke. And it is suitable for use in houses, shops, schools, office buildings, storage areas, etc. 

A comprehensive smart home security alarm system ensures the safety of every user's life and property. The smart home alarm system consists of an host and various front-end detectors/sensor. 

  • Wifi/GSM networking alarm system
  • You can download the corresponding mobile app, you can deploy and disarm at any time on the mobile app,And other settings
  • When alarm occurred, the hub sends push notifications to your phone. After that, the hub will also make phone calls to each pre-set phone number.Support 5 groups alarm phone number setting.
  • Built in 10 languages can be set,Can set the language:Chinese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, French, Portuguese.
  • Contains RFID tag,RFID tags are easy to carry,Easy to use,Tap RFID tag reader zone to arm and disarm.
  • Host has SOS button
  • Timed arm/disarm function.
  • Small size, only takes up very little space.


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