USB Rechargeable Smart Door Fingerprint Locker

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Product Description

 EASY TO USE: Your fingerprint is the key to smart high quality padlock. Do not worry that you will forget to bring keys when going outdoor, travel, gym & so on. The lock beam of fingerprint safety lock is 0.24in in diameter, sturdier than other touch smart lock. Follow the manual & add fingerprint to the tiny USB padlock, then you can unlock it by only gently press on fingerprint reader. This easy use of box padlock can be suitable for men, women, kids, children, girls etc.

WATERPROOF SMART PADLOCK: The best fingerprint lock is daily IP65 waterproof, & also it is a rustproof padlock, outdoor padlock weatherproof, uncutable padlock. It has a dust plug for the USB port, & keeps charging port cleaner. Keyless tiny lock with high sensitivity to fingerprints supports 360 degree angle fingerprint recognition, so the smart door lock only needs less than a second to unlock.

LOWER CONSUMPTION & USB CHARGING: The box fingerprint padlock has the feature of lower power consumption & long st&by time. A rechargeable 300MAH lithium battery can support 2 years st&by time & can be unlock over 2500 times. There is a USB cable to get the high quality padlock charged. When keep in low battery, the small lock will alarm per minute. When touch smart lock is charging, the red indicator will on. & when smart lock is full charged, the light will be off.

PORTABLE & WIDE USE: It is a mini portable smart box lock, & its pocket size can be carried to everywhere you want. Powerful smart universal fingerprint lock is suitable for outdoor & indoor, such as house door, gym, gate, warehouse, cabinet, shed, suitcase, h&bag, box, bike, bicycle, luggage, fence, garage, office & ect. The small uncuttable padlock is equipped with metal body construction, boron Carbide shackle, & anti-shim locking mechanism for strengthening.

WHY CHOOSE OURS: The  door lock can record at most 10 fingerprints. Our touch weatherproof padlock adopt high quality smart chip which is invented after thous&s of trials, & superior metal body of safely padlock is stronger than others. Keyless little lock with fingerprint ID feature brings a modern, safe, & private method to devices unlocking & authentication, which is advanced technology of the future world. So USB fingerprint padlock is just the one you always look for!


(1)Lock: When the product is unlock, press the lock beam to lock the product.

(2)Unlock: When the product is locked, enter fingerprint. If use the right fingerprint, the green indicator short flash & the product is unlock. If use the wrong fingerprint, the red indicator short flash. 

(3)Low voltage: When the voltage ≤3.5V, the red indicator flashes fast for 15s. If keep in the status of low batter, it will alarm per minute.

(4)Charge: The red indicator & green indicator will flash alternatively during charging. Lights off when fully charged.


Do you stay in a dorm and want a more safe and convenient way to unlock your locker or cabinets?

You have come to the right place!

Our USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Smart Keyless Fingerprint Lock is the best solution that you are looking for.  No need to remember any password no more or bring keys to use it. This biometric door lock is the best keyless door lock that uses advanced technology for keeping your home or personal items safe. It can also be used as desk drawer locks, cabinet locks, electronic door locks, use on backpacks and many more.

Not only that, the upgraded version of our Keyless Fingerprint Lock which is the P3+ uses Bluetooth technology to unlock the padlock using an app via smartphone. No more hassle of bringing your extra keys or remembering password combinations.


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