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Teaching a pup to use their nose is a vital part of puppy training and development. Even as dog mature, giving them interactive dog puzzles is a great way to challenge and strengthen their mental capabilities.

Also, puzzle toys helps owners and dogs bond and build a stronger relationship, which is rooted in successful training and obedience. The Ramen Noodle Cup Snuffle Nose Work Dog Puzzle Toy is made to help your pup use their nose to find hidden treats inside the cup.


  • In nose work, dogs indicate the location of a “target” scent (i.e. treats!) by using their natural sense of smell. Training complexity: Low. Mental stimulation: High.
  • The nose work dog toy is made from 100% Lyle fabric and 100% cotton yarn, which is hygienic and you can put it in a laundry net and wash it to keep it clean!
  • The benefit of the noodle-style nose work toy such as this one is that it accommodates all shapes and sizes of treats so you can use your pup's favourite treat to play!
  • This versatile toy accommodates dogs that are new to nose work toys, as well as dogs that are pro at it! Refer to the product images to find different ways to play.


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