Dog Grooming Comb Pet Tear Stain Remover

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Fleas are an unfortunate occurrence when owning a pet. With the help of Miracle Coat’s Cat Flea Comb you can stop the issue as quick as it started. With its short, closely spaced teeth, the comb is able to divide individual hairs for tick, flea and flea residue removal. Designed by premium pet care specialists for professionals and everyday pet parents.

  • This extra-fine tooth comb has 65 stainless steel pins that will easily remove crust around your dog's eyes.
  • Using this product just a few minutes a day will help your dog avoid unpleasant tear build-up. You're preventing tear stains at the very source simply by removing the crusty mucus accumulation that tends to stain fur.
  • The rounded prongs are made out of "smooth" stainless steel. They're designed to go through the sensitive areas around the eyes without pulling, tearing or causing any discomfort.
  • Whether you are a professional groomer or a happy pet parent, this is an easy to use tear stain remover that is recommended by Veterinarians. Great alternative to harsh chemicals or supplements.
  • If your dog has had tear stains for a long time, there will be permanently dyed fur that will need to grow out and be trimmed off. Continued use will prevent new tear stains from appearing.

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