LED Light Control Electronic Digital Time Clock Kit Module

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This DIY clock has a bright pink LED that simulates the candle effect, creating a romantic effect that the is gradually fading. This is an affordable and practical and beautiful DIY kit. Can show time, temperature and date. Especially for electronic major students learning to use, the board also has plug-chip devices both devices to help you improve welding.

After completion of production not lack scope for their abilities. Can write your own research program,also can send friend or send to parents,personally produced gift full of deep feeling. This alarm clock will softly wake you up from dreams with gradually stronger alarm sound.

  • Light control, the clock will automatically be brighter during the day than during the night.
  • This kit is designed with DIP devices, and soldering is very easy, even for electronic beginners.
  • Precise incisions and interfaces ensure perfect fit, suitable for mounting position and easy to install.
  • With automatic adjustment of brightness, time and temperature alternate display, with alarm clock, power-off memory function.
  • The toggle switch can switch between the vibration mode and the buzzer mode. In the vibration mode, the alarm, the countdown, the button feedback, and the Integral point announce are all prompted by vibration.


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