Handheld Home Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter Mini Portable

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The car vacuum arrives with a waterproof and reusable HEPA filters that lock dirt and debris inside for easy disposal. We recommend washing the filter after every use to extend the its life even further. Mini size for easy packaging and carrying. great as a gift for kids at school, colleagues in office, People who do cleaning work at hom. Keep your home beautifully clean and tidy with this multifunctional vacuum cleaner featuring upright and handheld capabilities.

The washable HEPA filter ensures that the vacuum cleaner works effectively, while the crevice tool allows you to efficiently clean into the corners. Durable use in wet/dry conditions, it can easily clean dust, crumbs, cat litter, pet hairs, as well as spilled milk, liquids. Equipped with few different types of attachments to make it clean well every areas in your home or car.

  • Ergonomic design, the use of worry more effort.
  • Contains the function of dumping dust by one piece, easy to use.
  • High-speed vacuum cleaner dedicated copper core motor, suction more robust.
  • High grade HEPA filter, to eliminate the secondary pollution in the cleaning process.
  • One button to open the dust tank, convenient to pour out the dust and clean the dust tank.


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