Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog Cats Food Dispenser

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The Automatic Pet Feeder Bowl is a smart machine that dispenses food for your pets automatically at times of the day you set so that you can control the necessary feeding that suits them. With the manual feed function, you can experience the fun of interacting with pets with just one button. This feeder is convenient for you to control the food intake of your pets. In addition it has a record function.

You can record what you want to say into the machine to call your pets for meal so that your pets will come when the sound plays automatically each time. This is the automatic pet feeder which can help feed your lovely pets and help them keep good eating habits.

  • Built with ABS plastic materials for safety and durability.
  • Auto Pet Feeder is designed for outdoor and indoor locations, such as garages, basements, cats, dogs, etc.
  • Holds 4.5 liters dry foods, can monitor at a glance new pet-proof lock on lid for greater security.
  • Record your voice and make a personalised message so that your pet knows when to eat, make it easy for you to feed your pets on time, every time.


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