Baby Safety Hat Toddler Head Protection Helmet

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This protective hat can't be used as a professional safety helmet, so please use the professional safety helmet when riding on a bicycle, electric bike, and motor bicycle and playing outdoors. The surface layer is made of eco-friendly sandwich breathable layer. The inner liner is a soft cotton sweat-absorbent layer which can protect the baby and it is breathable in all round. You need not to worry about sultry in summer.

The soft, thickly-padded head covering acts as a protective cushion, shielding that delicate little head. Lightweight, with an adjustable chinstrap. Our protective hat is soft and comfortable, but some infants still would not like to wear it. It doesn't need to worry about it because they will get used to it after several times.

  • The outer layer is made of cotton, the fill-in layer is a high density and elastic sponge free from smell. The sponge offers shock-absorbing and can reduce the impact force when hit.
  • Weight just 3 oz with thickness an inch. Although Add a little weight on baby head, can provide protection for toddlers and kids from collision and friction during walking or crawling.
  • Provides a sense of comfortable feeling to baby and will reduce the baby's head injures.
  • The baby helmet is washable with water and there will not be any deforming after repeated wash.


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