Baby Handprint Footprint Photo Frame for Baby Care

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Babies grow so fast so cherish and preserve every moment you have with them. This Baby Hand And Foot Air Drying Soft Clay Imprint Kit will imprint your baby's foot or hand.  You can also imprint their name, birth date on this easy to Air Drying Soft Clay. There is no need to bake. The length of time it will take to dry Baby Hand And Foot Air Drying Soft Clay Imprint Kit depends on the weather, temperature and so forth.

Once it dries the shape will not change. Great for baby gifts to those you know are expecting! Smart inkless touch design guarantees no direct contact between baby's skin and the ink. User friendly. Just one press and can capture and reveal the greatest details of your baby's hand and feet easily.

  • Great commemorative gifts for parents to record their children's growth;
  • Material technology: high tech anti-cross infection, disposable pad;
  • Baby hands don't need to contact the ink and can obtain clear footprint, without any security risks;
  • No pollution; use special production process, leaving clear, real and long-term preservation;
  • Effective prevention of lead and chemical stimuli and prevention of cross-infection of the virus;


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