Smartphone Magnetic Fast Charger In Car Phone Holder

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Mount your phone on your vehicle's air vent with our fully magnetic car phone holder. The four-way clip simply slots into your cars air vents securely. Once you have fitted the air vent holder in your car you need to attach one of the metal plates provided to your phone; you can either stick one to the back of your phone or slot it between your phone and your phone case. Once this is complete there will be a strong magnetic hold keeping your phone completely secure.


  • NO MORE MESSY WIRES - Don't spend another second fumbling with tangled wires when our Qi wireless charger requires no cords at all. This wireless car charger supports fast 10W and 7.5W charging speeds for iOS and Android operating systems.
  • CIGARETTE LIGHTER MOUNT - Vent-style iPhone X car mounts can cause your phone to get dangerously hot from heat coming out of the vents. Our iPhone X wireless car charger plugs directly into your cigarette lighter or power outlet, so you'll never have to worry about overheating!
  • EASY ONE-HAND SMART GRAVITY TECHNOLOGY - Our innovative iPhone X wireless charger design allows you to slide your phone into the wireless car charger mount with only one hand. Just place your phone in the car mount and the sides will automatically adjust it for fast, easy alignment!
  • DISTRACTION-FREE DRIVING - Make driving safer for you and your passengers with an iPhone car charger that makes it easy to clearly view your phone for navigation, while keeping it securely in place.

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