Car Vacuum Wet Dry Portable Cleaning Tool

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The problem with cars, especially ones that we’ve had for a long while, is they get really dirty if not maintained well… or if you usually make a mess inside your car. Use this vacuum to clean up your car rugs and interior surfaces. This handy car accessory comes with a tank that collects dust cookie crumbs, pet hair and can be easily emptied and cleaned. It comes with a cord that powers the cleaner from the car cigarette lighter long enough to reach throughout your car.

It is also noiseless and can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. The vacuum cleaner can be easily carried between your car, office, and home. All attachments fit nicely in the included bag. The size is compact so you can put it in your glove box, door panel, drink holder, or trunk so it's close by whenever needed.

  • Includes several nozzles to reach places you couldn’t normally reach
  • Super strong suction to really get all that dirt and mess
  • Compact form factor - easy to store, easy to clean
  • Cleans chips, snacks, crumbs, but wait… with its powerful vacuum, it also cleans coins, nails, sand, water, and more!


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