Outdoor Home Security Alarm Video Surveillance Kit

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The Outdoor Wifi Camera is the answer to your outdoor surveillance needs.  This smart camera helps you keep your home safe and secure.  It records clear images in 1080p resolution rain or shine, day and night, to provide safety and reliability. Always keep the one you loved, the thing you cared in peace of mind!

With the new Wi-Fi HD Starter Kit Security, we present an ideal set. Home Alarm System Kit is expandable. It is integrate and connect as many smart IoT devices like: wifi bulbs, wifi switches, wifi curtain motors and more to make it that much smarter.

  • Ordinary night vision, full color night vision and smart night vision.
  • Even if the power is off, it can continue to record for about 8 hours through the high-capacity battery that comes with it. No need to worry about the thief cutting power off. The security performance is higher and the evidence is securer.
  • Waterproof level is up to IP66, no fear of wind and rain, waterproof and sun-resistant.
  • When a moving object appears in the monitoring range, it will promptly send alarm to the mobile phone.
  • Mobile phone remote real-time video dialogue let the monitoring have sound and picture, it can also make a sound to shock the thief at key moment.
  • HD recording, high-fidelity pickup. Reduce noise and record live sounds.


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