Children's Educational Fun Bear Building Blocks Stacking Cups

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A colourful stacking tower made with a combination of wood and plastic. This item will help with fine motor skills which are so important to early development. Colourful blocks and simple, easy to connect pieces are just some of the reasons your child will love playing with these blocks. With a fun and portable size along with fun colourful sides, sometimes the simplest toys create the longest lasting fun!

The perfect toy for a long afternoon when playing on the floor with your toddler, or for the older children wanting to express their building creativity! Children of all ages love to use their imaginations to discover new things about themselves and the world. Smaller children are especially fascinated by their interactions with the world, and they love to experiment and engage in everything they see!

  • Parents could teach your children the letters and numbers printed on the cups.
  • The perfectly nest able design of these geometric blocks assures that there is no wrong way to build!
  • Great education for children young at learning! Kids will grasp the difference between horizontal and vertical.
  • The smiling face of your exuberant child will show you how important creativity is for that budding personality.
  • This toy can cultivate children's vision,hands-on ability,cognitive ability,coordination ability and parent-child communication.


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