Dog Training Collar Waterproof Spray Sound Bark Collar

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The collar includes both a citronella and an unscented spray refill cartridge, so you can determine which one works best for your dog. This waterproof collar was designed for dogs that might need a milder static stimulation than one of our standard bark collars. This collar utilises unique bark-sensing technology to only activate when your dog barks. This Spray Bark Collar provides you with an effective and humane way to train your pets to stop barking faster and better.

It's safe with no side effects, no electric shock or hurt to your pets. This training option delivers a moderate vibration to train and can also be used in combination with spray or tone. This Collar can disperse the dog's attention while the dog barks and interrupt unnecessary behaviour. It's effective and safe with no side effects, no electric shock or hurt to your pets.

  • New technology will only trigger when your dog barks; it will not activate in response to another dog barking or other noises.
  • A milder level of static stimulation for sensitive or smaller dogs that adjusts according to how often your dog barks.
  • Our collars can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few examples: Basic Dog Obedience, Hunting, Digging, Aggressive, Barking, Jumping up, and bolting.
  • Allows you to wake up the collar from distance by one push of the button, get Free Dog Training Guide with your order;


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