Baby Bathtub Safety Seat for Baby Shower

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The Summer Baby Bathtub Safety Seat for Baby Shower provides a helping hand to parents at bath time, and is perfect for increasingly mobile little ones transitioning to an adult tub. With its three sturdy arms for 360° of support, high back rest and spacious frame, you can keep your baby securely in place while freeing up both of your hands to scrub and play.
  • Sure & Secure Suction Cups and high backrest provide comfort, support and all-around stability
  • Easy set-up, removal and storage
  • Allows parent use of both hands to clean baby

Sure & Secure Suction Cups – For Stability

    • All three arms of the Bathtub Seat have Sure & Secure Suction Cups that provide a safe and steady installation for all-around stability.

    Easy set-up, removal and storage

      • Bath time set-up is so easy. First place My Bathtub Seat in the bath tub, then extend and lock the rear arm and finally, position and lock the side suction cups. It’s so simple to install this product, you’ll be bathing your little one in no time.

      Hands-free design for thorough cleaning

        • Since Bathtub Seat provides 360° of support, you can use both hands for washing baby with soap and can easily hold the rinse cup to get clean warm water, all while baby plays with their bath toys. Baby is happy and clean from head to toe!

        Comfortable seat and supportive backrest

        • With its high backrest, Bathtub Seat is designed with comfort in mind. Your wiggly little one will have the support and stability needed for bath time fun.


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