Waterproof USB Powered Spray And Sound Bark Collar

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The Pet Safe Spray Bark Dog Collar is designed to help stop nuisance barking and whining with a burst of spray. This collar is perfect for a peaceful night at home or for a walk outside. The sound and vibration of your dog's bark triggers a sensor on the collar, emitting a burst of spray to help stop the unwanted behaviour. The anti bark collar is controlled by a microprocessor which distinguishes your dog's bark from other environment noises and automatically delivers sound and vibration after each bark.

The output level of sound and vibration is increased gradually as barking. The collar can be switched to automatic mode by detecting the dog’s barking and automatically spraying citronella to stop barking. Spray volume can be adjusted. The collar is triggered by throat vibration so outside noise will not trigger the collar.

  • Spraying it with close range can achieve good results.
  • Made of natural essential oils, containing no CFC ingredients. It is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and pets.
  • Contract plastic belt design with waterproof material, it makes your pet feel more comfortable when wearing.
  • Function key adjustment, you can turn off one of the functions, or you can work at the same time.
  • Only turn on the device without other operation, then the device would discriminate the dog's barking and start to work.


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