Led Desktop Qi Fast Wireless Charger Mobile Phone Holder

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LED desk lamp with a wireless charging pad is designed to blend wireless smartphone charging into your home or office. Perfectly placed on a desk or as a bedside lamp, you simply place your smartphone onto the charging base to charge. It also has a wired USB charging port so you can charge a smartphone that may not be wireless charging compatible.

LED light temperature color modes, the LED desk lamp with wireless charging is a must-have in any home and workplace, perfect for reading, as a makeup light or a study lamp, it is a universal item, perfect for everyone.

  • The lamp body adopts the hose design, multi-dimensional adjustment, the Angle is determined at will, no longer subject to the restriction of the environment free adjustment.
  • Health and safety light source, no video flash. 
  • There is no blue light hazard, and the RGO exemption safety lighting level has been reached after the blue light hazard test.
  • Three levels of brightness adjustable, touch sensor, light touch dimming. 
  • Brightness as you wish, long-press non - polar dimming. 
  • The built-in battery can be charged while learning, do not worry about power cuts.


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