Smart Home Security Alarm System Control WebIe

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Secure your family, home, and office with this amazing Anti-theft motion detector it is ideal for garages and sheds. It is wireless and using infrared plus it's motion-activated. It's very easy to install and very loud to make sure the owner is informed that there's an intruder.

  • display of measured values ​​in the form of a table or graph
  • comparison of measured values ​​of several sensors in one time period
  • storing GPS coordinates for the device position and displaying all devices on a map
  • user-friendly display of measured values ​​in an embedded image of a building or technology diagram
  • user name of each device
  • insert a note for each device
  • clear arrangement of a larger number of devices, the possibility of grouping into sub-organizations
  • for some device models the possibility of its remote configuration.

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