Car Air Purifier Wearable Necklace Mini Portable

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This ionic air purifier releases more than three million negative ion-purified air to remove contaminants from your personal space.This mini air purifier is simple and compact. It can be hung around the neck, hung in the car, very stylish, and it can be used to create a clean, good air area in travel, public places or other places with poor air quality. The sound is very quiet during operation and will not bother you when you work or rest.

The operation is very simple, just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air. The negative ions that this produces will connect to any airborne pollutant, bacteria, and any other illness-carrying particles due to their electrostatic charge. This makes the contaminated air particles too heavy to stay airborne, forming a microscopic health shield to protect you for any situation.

  • Combat Allergies: Must have purifier necklace for people with allergies, Filters 99.95% of allergens in the air including mold, pollen, dust, dander, cigarette smoke, unpleasant odors, and formaldehyde.
  • Zero-Noise Operation: Using an advanced high-performance motor the sound is minimal without bothering you while working or taking a rest.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Wear around your neck all day without feeling tired at only easy to carry around with you whether using a neck strap, a clip or a band to create a cleaner zone of fresh air traveling, in public places or in other poor air quality conditions.
  • Easy to Use: Simply press and hold the power button for two seconds to reap the benefits.


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